Simple Package

$ 995.00

  • 5-6 Page Website (A slider on the HomePage, 5 inner pages and a Contact Page).
  • Template-based site - 300 Creative & Responsive designs to choose from.
  • 2 Weeks duration expected of finished product.


Every website requires creative web design, but matching which designs for websites is more practical. Just like how matching what to wear for an occasion is crucial, the web design must match the website. This also solves budgeting concerns. Some packages are less flexible, which means that some services are unnecessary for your website.

For websites that are in a less competitive scene, or for websites that are non-profit, this is the more appropriate option. Organizing the site and conveying the site’s vision and ideologies is one of the things to focus on for this package. If your site needs help regarding web design, are in a field with a less competitive edge. Some sites have a limited budget because these sites have lesser needs. If all these match your website, then this package is your best bet.